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Hi guys,

I am looking for a component/tool to create a tree like structure, like a genealogy/inheritance tree. I am looking for something that will detect clicks on the nodes and will somehow focus on that node, enlarge it, bring it to the foreground etc, so that one can see the child nodes (which may be invisible when looking at a higher lever). I don’t know if I make myself clear, something like the Treeview but more graphics-enhanced/more visual. I was looking at the js-Sequence extension, which is amazing in its simplicity to convert text to UML, but I am not convinced this is the way to go. Do you have any near-future plans for something like this?


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Hi Alex,

We have a customer with a big applications ported from WPF and WinForms to Wisej that has deeply integrated mxGraph to build and visually track in real time the execution of complex workflows connecting several external systems. The app creates and manages the workflows visually, with properties, a form builder, middleware connectivity, background batch jobs, etc.

mxGraph is a great library, but big. There is also JointJS open source version.

Libraries like this have a gazillion options since in javascript you don’t have to deal with an IDE with metadata, design mode, and all the more rigorous structures needed by .NET systems. In javascript it’s all text. So the best way to use these libraries in Wisej is to build what you need in a javascript component exposing the methods, properties and events that you want to control from the app. It’s very easy with Wisej.Web.Widget. And now that it supports callbacks/postbacks it’s also easy to feed data back to the client component.

Frank has a blog entry coming up about integrating complex third party components with data. He used the DevExpress javascript pivot table and other cool controls to show how easy it is to integrated with Wisej.Web.Widget.

It becomes a lot more complex to do the kind of native integration you see in FullCalendar, JustGage, and some of the other extensions mostly because of the standards in .NET  and the designer.








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