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Hi there.

I got a question about the ‘ThemeBuilder’ and how it might be possible to set styles for a UserControl.

The UserControl is made of several Wisej.Web.Labels and Wisej.Web.PictureBoxes. I tryed several ways to set the style for this UserControl.

  • I created a new entrie for my own Colors in the ‘.theme’ file which leads me into an error
  • tryed it with a seperated ‘.css’ file which worked but is not that what i wanted. The comfort to Change a theme quickly get lost in this way.

Is there a way to achieve a Special UserControl can be edited with the ThemeBuilder? Even if I got two or more different UserControls?



Btw: We got a Problem with Labels in a FlowLayoutPanel. Changes in ThemeBuilder to TextLabel have no effect to Labels within the FlowLayoutPanel.

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Please try the attached sample. It shows how to set the theme for all labels, specific labels, in  panels, flow panels, etc.

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I’ve tried it directly with the ThemeBuilder Editor. When I add the structure with style, components eg. it seems that it could work.
The Buttons in the component window doesn’t work as I thought.

  • consystems
    But the entries have no effect to the UserControl.
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