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Is there a 2017 timeframe for Wisej Packager [as seen in]? So I can deploy to user a standalone local Windows application that can run without an internet connection. Thanks

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Hi John,

We’ll have two solutions that will be released in the extensions as open source projects:

  1. Wisej.HostService.exe, which is a simple executable that can run as a service or a process and can serve a Wisej appliaction and sub-applications to a local user (same machine) and remote users.
  2. Wisej.Application.exe, which includes the code of Wisej.HostService plus either IE or Chromium windows. When you run the exe from inside a Wisej application directory it will run the as if it was a Windows window.

The self hosting part uses Microsoft Owin (Katana) self hosting features and the projects include an ILMerge step to pack the service or application into a single exe.

We should be able to upload a first release of the free extension in about a month.

You can also already run a Wisej app without IIS but you’d need to run Cassini UltiDev.


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Hello John,

Would you like to try an early release?

We have:

Wisej.HostService.exe (web server process or service, no installation required, 1 exe, 280KB)

Wisej.Application.exe (IE version, 1 exe, no installation, 480KB)

Wisej.Application.exe (Chromium version, 1 exe, no installation, 114MB!)

This is an example of a Wisej test app running standalone like a desktop app.


And all the demo at are also hosted without IIS here:

Use the name without .json to access a sub-application:





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