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I noticed that there is no Ribbon Bar control.  Is there plans to implement one?

Also could you create a sample of wrapping a Telerik Kendo UI control and using it on a form?  I am not getting very far on doing this myself.  I need to make sure I can wrap these controls and they work in Wisej before I can purchase the licenses for the rest of my team.



Tim Larson

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I was mainly looking at the PivotGrid but that may be too large, you can do barcode or something like that.  I plan on using Wisej for the standard controls but do need to make sure I can create the others.




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Hi Tim,

The RibbonBar is on the list, after the completion of the PropertyGrid. I will send a shell for KendoUI next week.

Wisej can integrate most (all probably) KendoUI controls. However, it’s better to use the integration for specific controls and use the wisej controls for common stuff like textboxes, combos, etc. There is a lot in Wisej that is wired deep in, like validation, focus management, many basic events. Do you a specific KendoUI widget you’d like me to use as a test case?



  • Tim Larson
    Did you ever get a chance to create a shell project on this? I don’t remember getting anything. Thanks, Tim
  • Luca (ITG)
    I will upload it tomorrow, after the new build of Wisej. This is a small test case you can run: http://demo.wisej.com/apps/kendoui
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