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I have an image in a library project that has wiseJ user controls in it.

This project is included in my solution.

When I am in development, I see the image, but when I put it onto a web server I do not.

What do I need to copy to the server to get this image to show?



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In general, if the resource is not embedded in the assembly, you need to deploy it to the server. If it’s embedded you need to refer to it using the “resource.wx/…”. If you simply picked the file out of /Images or /Resources then the file must be on the server as well.


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Hi Shawn,

how did you include the image ? As an embedded resource ?
Can you share a sample or more details ?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

  • Shawn Ramirez
    The image is in a picturebox, Resource context is Local resource. I clicked on the Import… button. So, in the post above, are you saying that I need to have a /Resources/logo.png folder/file? Thanks
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