Request: Step by Step guid to convert JQuery or Javavascript Components

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Not sure if this is really possible but is it possible to do a step by step on how to convert a JQuery Component to a Wise Extension? I know there are a few components that are done in this kind of extensions but I have no clue on what to look out for or what the pitfalls are..Or what the selection of the component is, what will work and what won’t…

As I am not a frontend developer I am not king in writing Javascript codes, but if it is doable to create extensions I would love to.. I have used VWG for a really long time and have also built me some JQuery components for it.. But now I want to be able to do the same for Wisej. But a small step-by-step guide would be really helpful..

I am asking this too so that I get more idea of how everything works so I can have more grip on what I can do and how to implement things. Although used to VWG, the approach chooses by Wisej is completely different. As Wisej is probably the way forward I want to get my head around on how I can manage stuff and build my own extension if needed..




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I don’t have any 🙂 just pick one!! As long as the idea’s behind the extensions are the same, I don’t mind what control it is..
Perhaps an image carousel controle, as it probably works on html transformation where you need to write html to provide the list of images..

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Will do. We are also completing additional project templates including extension templates.

Do you have a jquery widget that you’d like to see used in the example?

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