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I’m still in the trial version, my key is……………I need to extend the trial licenze for another month.
I tried to extend it  as per your web site but  could not find any useful instructions to do it
Pls could you inform how I could extend the licence issued on May 4th?

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I have a similar problem.

My current trial license key is already expired. I am not able renew the license, and I am not able to get another new trial key, either.

Can you help?

Thanks and regards,

Felix CHAN

  • Frank (ITG)
    Hi Felix, I just extended your trial license. Thanks for all your feedback. Best regards, Frank
  • Felix CHAN
    Hi Frank, Thanks for your help. It works now. Regards, Felix CHAN
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Hi, the license has been extended, it should update automatically on your machine. There is another account with two more trial licenses, that had been already extended to May 31th.

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