Passing a stream to the video control rather than a URL

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I’m sure there is an answer on here somewhere but I can’t find it!

I’m using the video control which wants a URL for the video.

I have the video content but it is in a stream.

How do I pass the stream to the video control or how do I convert the stream to a URL?



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You can implement the Wisej.Core.IWisejHandler interface and turn any control into a response handler. Then set the URL to this.GetPostbackURL() where “this” is the control implementing¬†Wisej.Core.IWisejHandler, could be a subclass of Wisej.Web.Video.

You’ll get a callback from the client when it tries to download the video to ProcessRequest(HttpContext) which is the same as an ASPNET service. There you can send the stream back to context.Response. You have full control of the response data, content type, etc. This is how the PdfViewer uses the stream option.

You need to hold on the stream and release the memory when not needed. Also, note that the HTML5 video tag doesn’t support live video streaming. The stream that you send to the response will be fully downloaded by the browser.


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Thanks Luca,

This post from Felix Chan ( really helped me figure it out once you had given me the clue.


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