ListView.Sorting property broken?

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Hi I think the functionality of the ListView.Sorting property might be broken…

Below is my code in the ColumnClick event.  It works to sort in ascending order by the column – but you cannot click the second time on the same column and get descending order – it always goes to ascending order.  Its as if the .Sorting property is ignored.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?  thanks in advance 🙂

Private Sub ListView_ColumnClick(sender As Object, e As ColumnClickEventArgs) Handles ListView.ColumnClick

   With ListView
      If .Sorting = SortOrder.Ascending Then
         .Sorting = SortOrder.Descending
         .Sorting = SortOrder.Ascending
      End If
      .Sort(Function(x, y) String.Compare(x.SubItems(e.Column).Text, y.SubItems(e.Column).Text))
   End With

End Sub

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I noticed in the sample that DateTime sorting doesn’t work. Instead it sorts it like a string. Does anyone have a solution for this?

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The return type for the the System.Comparison delegate is int: the compare code should return a positive int, zero or a negative int. Usually 1, 0, -1. If the difference between the double values that you are comparing is less than 1 when you multiply by direction it gets truncate and the values will look identical to the sorting routine.

Try something like this:

var diff = Double.Parse(x.SubItems[column.Index].Text) – Double.Parse(y.SubItems[column.Index].Text);

return direction * (diff < 0 ? -1 : diff > 0 ? 1 : 0);

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When you assign the Sorting property the control already performs a sort.

Then when you call

.Sort(Function(x, y) String.Compare(x.SubItems(e.Column).Text, y.SubItems(e.Column).Text))

It always sorts in one direction. You have to either invert x and y on descending or negate the result of Compare.

See attached sample for customized sorting.


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