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In VWG we had a .URL property on the LinkLabel control.

It doesn’t appear that WiseJ has this.  Can you tell me what I would use instead?

I have a need for both external links (ex: and internal links (ex: docs/readme.txt)



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Thanks for the information.


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Hi Shawn,

this is copied from an older thread about the same topic:

The LinkLabel doesn’t navigate to a URL. For that you can use any label or text with <a> in it. The LinkLabel functionality is similar to winforms LinkLabel, where either the whole text or a portion of the text is a link and it triggers the LinkClicked event carrying the text that was clicked. This way the app can handle links even though it’s not navigating anywhere, being a single page app, giving the impression of navigation. The app could handle to LinkClicked calling Application.Navigate() and navigate to a different URL if needed. If the text in LinkLabel has multiple links (multiple <a> defined
in the Text – not using LinkArea) then LinkClicked will specify the actual clicked text.

Hope that helps.

Best regards


  • Shawn Ramirez
    I got a simple Test to work in a label by changing .AllowHTML=True. But I have another question. If I add a link to a menu option on a menubar or main menu, what css class shoudl I use to make the css match the “normal” menu options?
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