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Hi – I’m having a problem w/ the Full Calendar. I need to implement a context menu when the user clicks on a day with the right mouse button.

The DayClick event provides a button property in the event arguments.  If fires for Left, but it seems the event does not fire at all for a right click.

The right click is detectable on the EventClick event, but not on DayClick.


Can this be fixed?  And in the meantime is there any work around?


Thanks in advance!

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I misread your post. Sorry about that. The DayClick right-click was never implemented because the fullcalendar library doesn’t support it and our patch for the EventClick right-click doesn’t work for the DayClick. I will look into this again, maybe there is something I missed in the fullcalendar code that would allow for right DayClick events.

  • Matthew Ferry
    Thank you Luca…
  • Luca (ITG)
    Please check the updated FullCalendar extension in /extensions. It supports rights clicks for the DayClick and EventClick.
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The fullcalendar library doesn’t support right clicks on events. Our integration added a patch to support right clicks (the ‘contextmenu’ event in javascript) but it stopped working with the last updated of the fullcalendar libary.

You can find the updated project here: http://wisej.com/extensions.

Handle FullCalendar.EventClick and check e.Button for the Right button.

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