DataGridView WrapMode not respected by Internet Explorer (but it is with Chrome)

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Our QA department recently started testing our application in WiseJ.  They use IE, I use Chrome.

One of the things they reported is datagridview cells are wrapping the text when it is longer than the width of the column.  I’ve tried setting the cell style wrapmode to DataGridViewTriState.false… and tried setting the default style of the row/column to wrapmode false… and calling ResetWrapMode()… I’ve tried everything I can think of.  It still wraps in IE.

I was able to recreate in a sample app, I’ll attach a screenshot of chrome vs IE.  We are running version 1.3.61.



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Hi Frank, I’m not trying to be too pushy, I’m sure you all have plenty of work to do.  But do you have any estimate of when this will be fixed?  We would like to begin using WiseJ in our production environment next month, but we cannot properly test until this is fixed.  Many of our users are external and are required to use IE.


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Thanks Andrew,

we could reproduce that IE specific problem and logged it as WJ-8259.

A fix will be in the next release. We´ll notify you when it is available.

Best regards

  • redcard
    Hi Frank. I upgraded to 1.3.65 but this still is not fixed. We want to start testing this more thoroughly in the next week or so, do you have an ETA for this fix?
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