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Hello, this is a continuation of our comments from here:   (seems like a good idea to create a new thread.)

In our existing VWG app, we display the CKEditor from multiple different screens, with different toolbar/font configurations.  I am able to set the toolbar buttons and fonts easily enough (thanks for all the help), but I do not see a way to specify which font sizes should be available on the CKEditor control.

For example, when launched from one area of our application we only want the user to be able to select font sizes 9 thru 18 (for various business reasons.)  But when launched from other areas of our application we want to allow the user to select font sizes 4 thru 72.

Is this an option with the current CKEditor extension and I’m just not seeing it?


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You can use any CKEditor configuration option in the Options property. For font sizes, “use fontSize_sizes”.

I added this to test:  “fontSize_sizes”: 16/16px;24/24px;48/48px;”


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