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How can I change the checkbox size to be larger it stays the same size no matter how big the font?


Tim Larson

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Hi Tim,

The size of the icon doesn’t change with the font, it’s in the theme. Add a theme¬†mixin file to the /Themes folder (I use Application.mixin.theme) where you can add all the theme changes your app needs without modifying the theme files. This is to change the size of the checkbox icon and override the current theme’s settings.

“appearances”: {
“checkbox”: {
“inherit”: “checkbox”,
“components”: {
“icon”: {
“inherit”: “icon-dark”,
“states”: {
“default”: {
“properties”: {
“width”: 32,
“height”: 32

I also still owe you the same for the combobox. Will reply to the other post shortly.


  • Tim Larson
    That will change the size. Which is fine but what if I don’t want all of the checkbox icons to be that size? Is there a way to override it for the individual control?
  • Luca (ITG)
    Yes, make the name of the appearance “my-checkbox” and then change the AppearanceKey used by the specific checkbox control.
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