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I am currently evaluating Wisej but it does not work with HTTPS in my case.

It seems that the websocket is not opened for HTTPS.

I found an error in the Javascript that leads to the HTTP websocket getting a valid url and the HTTPS an invalid one. If I manually add a valid url in the JS debugger it Works.

The problem lies at wisej.js:1381 (formated for better readability):

var url = location.protocol == “https:” ? “wss://” : “ws://” + location.host + location.pathname + “app.wx”;

There are missing braces wich cause the end of the code to only be executed if it is not HTTPS. A more working version would be(changes in Bold):

var url = (location.protocol == “https:” ? “wss://” : “ws://”) + location.host + location.pathname + “app.wx”;


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Best Answer

Hi Adrian,

it´s fixed in our latest release (1.3.40), just uploaded.

Best regards

  • Adrian Joachim
    That fixed the HTTPS issue but now the designer is Broken ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Best Answer

This one is embarrassing, somebody must have deleted the parenthesis 🙂


One more thing to watch out for when using HTTPS, if you don’t have a valid authority ssl certificate installed (self signed certificates don’t count), when using HTTPS it works with a warning, but WSS will be denied by the browser and you can’t use WS when the “parent” connection was started with HTTPS.

  • Adrian Joachim
    Good to Know, but I plan on using an actual Certifiacte. It actually worked with the selfsigned one when I fixed the string manually but that is propably allready accepted by my system.
  • Adrian Joachim
    Do you know when it will be fixed? It would be cool if I could present it with working HTTPS.
  • Luca (ITG)
    It was uploaded with .40 on March 8.
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