Blank Page after Upgrading to 1.3.22

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After upgrading to 1.3.22, my app doesn’t load when run in IIS ( Version 10.0.14393.0) and just shows a blank page in Chrome, Firefox, IE. Looking at Developer Tools in Chrome, the Console tab is empty.

If I run the same in VS 2015 (Update 3) using IIS Express, it seems to work fine though.

Is there something I am missing with the new upgrade (1.3.22)?

FYI and thanks.

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Yep, we pulled 22 few minutes ago. Sorry about that, it fails to load resources when the app is deployed in a sub directory. The new build is going online in few minutes. Unfortunately regression testing on an IIS deployment wasn’t part of the tests, it is now.

  • Cris
    • Cris
    • Jan 16, 2017 - 6:32 pm
    Hi Luca, Nothing to be sorry about. Just trying to notify of what I’ve observed. I can revert back to 1.3.20 if needed.
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