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Hi, I’m old Gizmox developer; can you give me the assurance that this product does not end as Gizmox?


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Hi Roni,

I’d like to add that Wisej was developed originally to serve our own purposes. We built Wisej as a stand-alone web environment because we felt there is something missing. We are all developers ourselves experienced with enterprise-scale application development where development teams have to work on hundreds of screens, reporting needs and large databases.

Ice Tea Group has a large customer base that we ported from Gupta/Centura/Unify as well as VB6 source code stacks that are now using WinForms with our PPJ library. There are hundreds of customers in more than 50 countries using our technologies in different industries. All of them have large line-of-business applications serving hundreds and thousands of users each day. Many of them are looking into Web-based approaches.

We are fully and entirely commited to Wisej as we are users ourselves and also take it to web-enable our clients.
In other words, we’re eating our own dogfood. 😉

By the way, since the very beginning in 1998, Ice Tea Group is fully self-financed.

Best wishes

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Hi Roni,

thanks for raising that question. We fully understand your concerns.

However we are in business since 1998, fully focused on WiseJ, also because of our very large migration projects based on that technology.
Additionally we offer several kind of “safety layers” including an option to buy the source code for a one time fee or
to buy into an escrow service.

Find more information on our product page:

or in various related discussion topics:

I hope this answers your question. Please contact us any time for more details or any additional question.

Best regards

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