Any examples of extensions that can host WiseJ controls

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I wanted to create an extension for Gridstack
I had created something similar for VWG using the Gridster library but essentially I want to create a dashboard where I can drop various controls and drag them around and resize them in a grid.

I don’t see any extensions of examples that would do that
Any ideas to point me in the right direction?


By the way today I converted a part of our product from VWG to WiseJ and it was pretty easy!!

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I might go down the full movable controls route and see how well that works. Or maybe I can figure out how to hack in support 🙂

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Hi Mark,

You can certainly integrate gridster or gridstack as any jquery widget. The jQueryKnob extension is a jquery widget integrated in Wisej. There are several ways to do that, but the easier is to use a Wisej.Web.Widget, add the Packages (javascript libraries) and put the javascript in InitScript adding the init function and any other function you may need. See the source code for the jQueryKnob.

However, once you have the gridster managing a bunch of divs, you still have the problem of moving Wisej widgets into the divs. It can be done, but it requires more javascript and some tricks on the client side, It’s a lot easier to integrate a javascript widget into wisej rather than “extract” a wisej widget out of its environment and place it into “unmanaged” html.

With Wisej you can already move any control (Movable property) and resize any control (ResizableEdges property). You will get the LocationChanged and SizeChanged events on the server where you can enforce any layout.



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