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In I can use Request.UserHostName to get the IP address and then figure out the computer name of the calling user.  How can I do this in Wisej?

Also how can I get a list of printers on the client in Wisej?


Tim Larson


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When I do Application.ServerVariables[“REMOTE_HOST”] all I get back is ::1 same with REMOTE_ADDR.

Any advice?

  • Mark Reed
    That is probably because you are looking at the variable debugging on your local machine. If you use a remote browser it should work however I believe it uses DNS anyway so it wouldn’t really work across the internet.
  • Luca (ITG)
    I think Mark is correct. The value of REMOTE_HOST is not generated by Wisej, it’s what IIS sets in the server variables and it must be identical to what ASP.NET returns.
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All the server variables are available here: Application.ServerVariables.

UserHostName is Application.ServerVariables[“REMOTE_HOST”]

UserHostAddress is Application.ServerVariables[“REMOTE_ADDR]

We should probably add the HttpRequest.User* properties to Wisej.Base.Application. Will log an enhancement. The properties end up returning the standard server variables anyway.




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