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Wisej.Base is the namespace for all the Wisej base classes that are shared among Wisej.Web and Wisej.Mobile.

Note Note
Wisej.Mobile is not available yet - it's in pre-alpha stage.

All classes, methods and properties defined in Wisej.Base are used as the base class in either Wisej.Base or Wisej.Mobile. The only reason to use this namespace is to share code between the Web and Mobile platform.


Wisej.Core defines all the core functionality and interfaces in Wisej. Here you will find classes to handle theme definitions, dynamic objects, JSON serialization, and all the core interfaces used by Wisej components and controls.

Note Note
Using the classes in Wisej.Core presumes advances knowledge of Wisej architecture, JavaScript concepts, and browser technology.

Wisej.Web contains all the controls that are part of the Wisej Web Framework.

Note Note
The only nested namespace is Wisej.Web.Ext, used to define all the Wisej Web extensions that are designed specifically for the web components.