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IFileSystemProvider Interface

Abstracts access to the file system. Implementations of this interface are used by the file dialogs and other components that need to interact with the file system. Wisej provides the built-in default implementation for the standard disk-based file system and a number of alternative implementations in the Wisej extensions, such as: Amazon S3, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.

Namespace:  Wisej.Core
Assembly:  Wisej.Framework (in Wisej.Framework.dll) Version:
public interface IFileSystemProvider

The IFileSystemProvider type exposes the following members.

Public propertyIcon
Returns or sets the icon that represents the file system.
Public propertyIconSource
Returns or sets the icon name or URL that represents the file system.
Public propertyName
Returns or sets the name of this root. This is the name that should be shown to the user.
Public propertyRoot
Returns or sets the root path for the file system. All file system operations in the implementation class are expected to be limited to the root.
Public methodContains
Checks whether the specified path starts with the Name of this file system provider.
Public methodCreateDirectory
Creates the specified directory and sub-directories.
Public methodDeleteDirectory
Deletes the specified directory and, optionally, sub-directories.
Public methodDeleteFile
Deletes the specified file.
Public methodExists
Returns whether the specified file or directory exists.
Public methodGetAttributes
Returns the FileAttributes for the specified path.
Public methodGetCreationTime
Returns the file's creation time.
Public methodGetDirectories
Returns a list of directory paths that match the pattern and search options in the specified path.
Public methodGetFiles
Returns a list of file paths that match the pattern and search options in the specified path.
Public methodGetFileSize
Returns the size of the file.
Public methodGetLastWriteTime
Returns the last write timestamp for the specified file.
Public methodMapPath
Maps the virtual path to the corresponding physical path on the specific IFileSystemProvider implementation.
Public methodOpenFileStream
Opens the specified file for reading or writing.
Public methodRenameDirectory
Renames the specified directory.
Public methodRenameFile
Renames the specified file.
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