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With Responsive Properties you can control how your application looks like (and behaves) on different devices (profiles).

Responsive Properties
  • When designing a container you can switch between different responsive profiles.

  • Switching between profiles applies the corresponding properties to the container elements.

  • Please note that you can also define your own profiles.

In this sample we have 2 buttons that in the default profile show with text and an icon.


Switching to the Phone profile we set the texts to blank so that only the icon displays. We also make the buttons narrower


You can delete all responsive profile settings with the X-Button in the designer bar.


All responsive properties are marked with a symbol in the property window.

responsive property 1

You can also get an overview over all responsive properties when clicking on the ResponsiveProfiles collection.

responsive property 2

Here you can see that in this case the text and the width property have been adjusted for the Phone profile.

responsive property 3