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Automatic minification of all CSS and JavaScript resources is fully embedded in Wisej without requiring any additional library or configuration. Wisej includes the source code of Microsoft Ajax Minifier and uses it behind the scene to generate and cache minified bundles.

What is Minified

Wisej minifies, compresses, and caches all its CSS and JavaScript assets into file bundles, and all the application's embedded CSS and JavaScript resources unless they end with min.css or min.js - in which case they are simply bundled since it's assumed that they are already minified.

Minification and Bundle Table

Bundle Name



The aggregate qooxdoo library. Contains all the base JavaScript classes used by Wisej widgets.


All Wisej widgets plus all the extensions plus all the application's embedded .js files.


Wisej default style sheet, all the style sheets from the extensions, plus all the application's embedded .css files.

Note Note

An application can add its CSS and JavaScript resources to Wisej.s bundles by placing the .css and .js files either in /Resources or /Platform and by adding the [assembly:WisejResoources] attribute to AssemblyInfo.cs:

Turning off Minification

Wisej automatically turns off minification when debug mode is turned on in Web.config setting: <compilation debug="true">. However, everything is still bundled together and you will always only find the files listed in the table above, in addition to any resource you may have added to the application's startup page, usually Default.html.

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