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Wisej provides built-in compression support for all HTTP and WebSocket communications.

Enabling Compression

Compression is always enabled by default.

Wisej automatically compresses all HTTP and WebSocket packets when the size is bigger than a certain threshold, ensuring that compressing the data doesn't result in larger packets.

You may disable WebSocket compression by setting the enableWebSocketCompression setting to false in Default.json.

Disabling WebSocket compression allows you to debug the frames when looking at the Network packet using the browser's Developer Tools.

Disable WebSocket Compression
  "enableWebSocketCompression": false

Wisej fully supports the Brotli compression library - also on browsers that don't have native Brotli support.

Use Add New Item and select Brotli to add the Wisej.Web.Ext.Brotli assembly. The source code for this extension is on our Github account: Brotli extension source code.

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