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This tutorial shows how to create and run a very basic Wisej application: the famous Hello World!

Create New Project

  1. Open Visual Studio 2013 or 2015, or the latest version.

  2. Select File->New->Project

    You will get the window below:

  3. Select Installed\Templates\Visual C#\Wisej (or Installed\Templates\Other Languages\Visual Basic\Wisej) and click OK.

    Caution note Caution

    If you don't see the Wisej item either re-run the Wisej installer or rebuild the template cache using "devenv.exe /InstallVSTemplates", see /InstallVSTemplates (devenv.exe)

    You will get a new Wisej application with Window1 open in design mode:

  4. Show the toolbox by selecting View->Toolbox or clicking the Toolbox icon at the bottom of the designer. See Designer.

    Drag and drop a button, from the Wisej Components tab, on top of the window, change the text to "Hello World!", then double click on the button to generate the Click event handler.

  5. Now type the code to execute on the server side when the user clicks the button on the browser. The example below shows the click handler and the code to add to display an AlertBox (aka Toast) notification.

    using System;
    using Wisej.Web;
    namespace Wisej.HelloWorld
        public partial class Window1 : Form
            public Window1()
            private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
              AlertBox.Show("Hello World to You!");
  6. Run it!

    When you click the Hello World! button, you will get this result in the browser:


Obviously this is the most basic tutorial, but it should get you started. The following tutorials will cover more complex features such as: Background Tasks, Object, DataBase, and EF Data Binding, Custom Drawing and Painting, Page Navigation, User Desktop, and more.

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