Wisej enables short time-to-market for customer contact portal

Data privacy consultants at Althammer & Kill improve client communication with innovative portal site

Althammer & Kill GmbH & Co. KG is a German-based consulting company focusing the fields of data protection, information security and IT compliance. Based in Düsseldorf and Hannover, the team works with a number of national and international clients to prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU (GDPR) that comes into effect on May 25 th , 2018. Althammer & Kill provides experienced external Data Protection Officers for clients in different industries such as automotive, transportation, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and for non-profit organizations.
In the process of deciding for a new IT infrastructure, the team at Althammer & Kill had to outweigh different options. Thomas Althammer, founder and CEO at Althammer & Kill looks back at the make or buy decision to take: “While getting ready for GDPR compliance and preparing our clients to cope with the new legal and technical demands, we figured out that traditional software tools for DPOs do not cope with the demands we had. For a rather small professional consulting company as ours, the decision to build something on our own was hard to take.”
The profound concept of Wisej played a key role in the process of building up a portal that meets the demands of the folks at Althammer & Kill. “Within a matter of months, we had all key modules in place. The time to market ratio with Wisej is way below other web development environments.”
The A&K Portal supports project and order management, has a deep integration in Atlassian’s JIRA Service Desk along with Tempo Timesheets. The invoicing is based on billable hours that feed back from JIRAs worklogs into automated invoicing met for the special requirements of many organizations covered by framework contracts.

Open for Integration

Two interesting aspects are the integration of external components such as the H5P JavaScript library to create, share and reuse interactive content (see www.h5p.org). Althammer & Kill has built an e-learning system based on H5P and Wisej to educate client’s employees on data protection, cybersecurity, and data integrity.
Another core feature is the integration of Word processing functionalities to automate reporting and the creation of seals and certificates. Data protection certification is becoming more and more important.

Wisej helped Althammer & Kill to build the platform for managing and issuing seals and certificates for different certification demands in the field of data protection. For the team at Althammer & Kill there is no close competition for Wisej as the leading development platform.

Thomas Althammer explains: “The productivity and flexibility gained with using Wisej is unmet. I am not aware of any tools that come close to the time-to- market factor we realized.”


There are lots of plans to improve and extend the platform. All documentation requirements around the GDPR will be covered by the portal with customized modules to achieve legal compliance for the customers.
“By enabling both sides to access the system, our consultants as well as our customers, we avoid typical communication barriers and pitfalls imposed by e-mail and pure inhouse tools.”

Results Achieved

  • Realized customized and targeted customer portal
  • Modern UI, tightly connected with Atlassian JIRA Service Desk and Tempo Timesheets
  • Deep integration with Microsoft Word-like processing
  • Innovative e-learning platform built on top of H5P and realized with Wisej
  • Short time-to- market, perfect fit to quickly build towards customer demands

About Althammer & Kill

Individual advice made to measure. Althammer & Kill offers pragmatic solution concepts at the interface between technology and law. Our employees in Hanover, Düsseldorf and Mannheim work as external data protection officers, information security experts and IT consultants for more than 700 customers from a wide variety of industries.
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